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Carlos Bacca: "Dream of the Golden Shoe"

Addressing the press in Westkapelle yesterday afternoon, Carlos Bacca looked forward to the upcoming season. His dream? The top scorer title and the Golden Shoe award.

Carlos Bacca

Carlos Bacca

Carlos, how was your holiday, returning to Columbia?
Very good, thanks. I was welcomed with open arms, by my family and by the entire village. It was good to be back. I spent my vacation in Columbia with family, and I enjoyed the Columbian sun

Did you get many requests by the Columbian press?
There were a couple of interviews, yes. I'm happy the Columbian press always supported and kept track of me, even when things were not going as smoothly. I'm happy that I have been able in a couple of games last season that I can still mean something to the team. This also meant a lot to the people in Columbia.

Do you realise that expectations will be higher than last season?
Yes, but I don't mind  that. I came here to Club with a serious physical lag, and I was only fully fit when the Play-Offs came. This time, I will be part of the entire preparation of the season, so I start off on the same basis as the others. I'm looking forward to starting again, and I hope I can play soon to lift my game. I want to give something back to the fans, and thank them for the support they give me.

“My dream is to become top scorer here, and win the Golden Shoe”

Carlos Bacca

What"s your goal for this season?
First of all, I want to fight to get my place in the team, and prove that I'm ready to play. On the pitch, I want to help the team with bravoury, goals and assists. Those are my qualities. My dream is to become top scorer here, and win the Golden Shoe.

You still don't see eye-to-eye with linesmen?
It's only human to make mistakes, I can't hold it against them. It's a pity only that it happened a couple of times in a row, and that it decided some games. I hope that the linesmen have also trained in the mid season, and that it doesn't happen that often anymore. (laughs)

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